Hackers Who Hit Sony Last Week Hit Sony Again This Week

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You may recall that last week, a group of hackers identifying itself as LulzSec were able to break into Sony’s entertainment website, SonyPictures.com, and claimed to make off with passwords and other private information belonging to over a million users.

Looks like LulzSec is at it again, and this time the group’s target is… Sony. Again. Reuters reports the following:

“The group, which has claimed credit for a prior attack on Sony’s systems, posted what appeared to be Sony BMG network maps from a New York city office and what they said was 54 megabytes of Sony developer source code.”

That may not sound like much at first glance, but as Epoch Times reports:

“The developer network source code leaked by the group on June 6 is principally the design recipe for the resource network where developers embed their programming, like PlayStation games. With it, hackers would be able to make changes to it, reverse-engineering the network and creating duplicates or different versions.

They would also be able use the source code to find holes in the system and exploit them, wreaking further havoc on Sony’s already battered network security team.”

A master key of sorts, if you will. Sony representative Jim Kennedy said of the most recent reports, “We are looking into these claims.”

The FBI has been eying LulzSec intently, too, as the group claimed to have compromised one of the bureau’s partners over the weekend. Epoch Times writes that one of LulzSec’s members, Robert Cavanaugh, “was apprehended and taken into custody,” by the FBI recently.