It’s Official: It’s Microsoft & Facebook vs. Twitter & Apple

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Pick your sides. The lines have been drawn.

During Monday’s World Wide Developers Conference, Apple announced a complete integration with Twitter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. (See here for more from the WWDC announcement.)

Users will be able to use a single login for Twitter that will work across Camera, Photo and other apps for the ability to tweet directly from these functions. It’ll also allow for easy tweeting directly from Maps, Safari pages and YouTube. Even your contacts will get the Twitter treatment, as photos from Twitter can be imported there, too.

These features will get a big round of applause from iPhone users, yes, but they’ll also reinforce Twitter’s continued attack on third-party photo clients now that users will be able to tweet directly from their iPhone’s camera.

Now, Microsoft owns a piece of Facebook so those eager for a similar feature between Apple and Zuck will likely be left waiting for quite a while. Besides, with these sparring social networks teaming up with dueling tech giants, alliances have been formed.

Microbook vs. Twapple? Facrosoft vs. Appter? Eh, we’ll work on it.

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