PSA: No Matter What Your E-mail Says, There Is No iPhone 5

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If you get an e-mail with this title…

Finally. The amazing iPhone 5. Now available in black edition.

…don’t bother opening it. In fact, don’t open it even if you’re curious.

An e-mail purporting to be from Apple and showcasing the non-existent iPhone 5 has started making the rounds, and it does little more than try to trick you into installing malware on your computer. That’s French for badware. Bad software. Software that does bad things.

The e-mail suggests that the iPhone 5 has a slide-out keyboard, is called the “iPhone 5G S,” and touts the fact that it’s black. In other words, it’s silly.

The text inside the e-mail reads:

“Introducing the iPhone that lets you do more than ever. And do it amazingly faster.

Launch and switch between applications quickly. Bigger display, transparent mode, better cloud integration. Shoot, edit, and share video like never before. Slimmer, faster and sleeker. Discover many more features that make iPhone 5G S the best iPhone yet.”

I’ll give them points for using choppy sentences. Like Apple. Amazing. And magical. Again. It’s silly.

Do not open.

(via Sophos)