Moichendising! ‘Angry Birds’ Cookbook Coming Soon

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For months, you’ve been trying to help those Angry Birds protect their eggs from the mysteriously green pigs, and now you’ll finally get to find out why they wanted those eggs in the first place with the Angry Birds Cookbook.

Oh, you only think that I’m joking.

Not content with parlaying the uber-successful app into animated adventures, board games and full-scale Conan appearances, Rovio is continuing to take full advantage of the Angry Birds brand with a self-published cookbook for all the family, to be released as both a traditional print book and as a self-contained app. It’s part of Rovio’s new strategy—to be all about the branding.

As the company’s marketing and business development guru, Peter Vesterbacka, told an audience at the Open Mobile Summit in London yesterday, “We have sold three million of these [holding up his plush-toy-keychain] and we have made a lot of money. We can make a lot of money selling toys and t-shirts… It’s more than games.”

The cookbook will be released in “the coming weeks,” via app stores and online outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Somewhat worryingly, it will be based around egg recipes. Those poor birds.

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