Search and Strum: Play a Tune on Google’s Les Paul Doodle

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Today’s Google doodle is a classic. Grab a plectrum and head on over to right now, because it’s time to play some tunes.

The search engine’s home page logo has been converted into a slightly odd-shaped, but fully working virtual guitar to commemorate the 96th birthday of guitar legend Les Paul, who died in 2009.

There’s more to this doodle than meets the eye, though.

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If you’re in the U.S., you should see a small Record button right underneath the guitar strings. Click it, then make your own song. You can share your finished masterpiece with others just by sending them the link, too.

Like this one. Or this one.

Unfortunately the record and playback function doesn’t work in all countries but you can still play songs in real time, which is much easier if you use the hidden keyboard controls. Just click the button, whether it looks like a record button or a keyboard, and start typing.

See what tune you can make with your name. Or type in your employer’s mission statement. That’ll liven up the day’s work. A bit.

Why does Google do things like this? Partly because it’s fun. And partly because it’s excellent marketing. Millions of people will encounter this today, and start messing with it instead of doing their actual work.

Totally worked on me.

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