Only a Few Years Left Until the Social Web Kills Off Websites?

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I hope you’re all taking full advantage of your favorite websites today because, despite what common opinion says, they won’t be around forever.

According to Jim Boulton, curator of the Digital Archaeology exhibition currently running in New York that charts the history of web design and internet evolution, we only have a short amount of time left in the website era as we know it.

Boulton told ReadWriteWeb:

“In a few years’ time, there won’t be such a thing as a website. With the rise of the social Web, now online experiences are built around the individual rather than the organization.”

I’m not entirely sure that that means that websites will disappear entirely, though. Yes, RSS feeds and various forms of collecting and formatting them mean that you don’t have to go to specific websites anymore, but without websites, how will people be able to discover new feeds and content in the first place? Surely there will always have to be a destination in addition to aggregators, even if those destinations become less visited?

Of course, I write for websites for a living, so I may be a potentially biased observer.

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