The Price of a Twitter Promo Spot: $120,000

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You know those “Promoted” items that appear in the list of trending topics on your Twitter home page? Ever wondered how much it might cost to buy one?

Turns out the going rate is a cool $120,000 per day.

And if you’re smart, you’ll buy one sooner rather than later, because that price is five times higher than it was just a year ago. Who knows what it will be another year from now. Twitter’s head of revenue Adam Bain revealed the figures in an interview with Clickz.

The $120,000 per day fee for promoted trends is just one income stream for Twitter. Would-be advertisers can also pay for promoted accounts and tweets in an auction, although the minimum spend is $15,000 over three months.

And to think there were people slamming Twitter in its early days, saying it would never have any ways of making money. Twitter is enormously valuable to advertisers in the same way that TV shows are. It’s got enough eyeballs looking at it to make an advertiser weak at the knees.

It’s also valuable in a way that TV shows are not. TV slots might cost thousands – hundreds of thousands, easily – but the audience there is a passive one. They’re watching, not doing. They might not even be watching, just leaving the TV on.

Twitter’s different. The audience there is 100% engaged and committed and taking part. Simply by checking your timeline, you’re a far more active pair of eyeballs—a far more attractive target for advertisers—than when you’re sitting in front of the TV.

That’s why the price has reached $120,000 so fast. And how it’s likely to soar higher, fast.

(Via CNET)