Are Americans Leading a Rush to Abandon Facebook?

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It’s taken a long, long time, but is Facebook’s unparalleled domination of social media coming to an end?

While the official “Social Network” has continued to add users internationally over the last couple of months, its growth has slowed from an average of 20 million new users per month to 13.9 million in April and 11.8 million in May—in large part because the site is losing users in multiple early adopter countries.

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The Inside Facebook blog is reporting that the United Kingdom, Norway and Russia each saw user drops of more than 100,000 but the largest drops were in Canada, which dropped 1.52 million users in May, and the U.S., which lost almost 6 million in the same month—half of the site’s international gain for the period.

The blog goes on to suggest that the site may be a victim of its own success, with growth historically stalling in countries where 50% of the population have joined up to “Like” and share pictures and links.

Perhaps this is the next step of that cycle: Early adopters adopting disinterest and disconnection early. Trust me, everyone will be doing it in years to come. Well… as soon as we all find another site to join and replace it, at least.

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