Latest Amazon Tablet Rumor Comes Courtesy of Captain Obvious

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We’ve all heard the rumors that Amazon will launch a tablet or two by the holidays, but for this latest rumor, you might want to sit down.

According to the consumer research team at Detwiler Fenton, these upcoming Amazon tablets will include—wait for it—streaming video.

Reportedly, it’ll be the same video service that’s already available free to Amazon Prime customers.

That’s right. A company in the business of selling streaming video will launch a tablet that streams video. Shocking, I know.

In fairness, Detwiler Fenton’s report has a couple noteworthy tidbits: Said streaming video may be offered free for a limited time, just to get people hooked, and the tablet itself—reportedly a 10-inch model, though a 7-inch tablet was previously rumored as well—may have a $399 price tag to set itself apart from Apple’s $499 iPad 2.

But let’s not feign surprise that Amazon’s going to tie content sales from its own store into the tablet. In addition to video, Amazon sells e-books, music and Android apps. It’s a given that if Amazon launches a tablet, all of these things will be available for purchase. That’s what makes the Amazon tablet so interesting in the first place (well, that and the rumor of a quad-core processor under the hood).

Anyway, this Amazon tablet rumor should prove my theory about tech rumors in general: Once they start repeating themselves and stating the obvious, they cross the line from tenuous to irrefutable. If the holidays come and go without a shiny new tablet from Amazon, I’ll be shocked. If the tablet arrives, but doesn’t stream video, I’ll shave my head and vow to never report on tech rumors again*.

*not really

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