LulzSec Knocks ‘Minecraft,’ ‘EVE Online,’ ‘League Of Legends’ and ‘The Escapist’ Offline

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Hacker group LulzSec’s arm has grown long indeed: The group just kicked three online gaming site and one game news site to the curb. We’re talking indie hit Minecraft, sci-fi MMORPG EVE Online and real-time strategy hit League of Legends.

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As I’m typing this, game news site The Escapist‘s just come back, after spitting out “403″ errors the past few hours.

How do we know it was LulzSec? We don’t, but they’re claiming responsibility in a tweet.

“Eve Online, Escapist Magazine and Minecraft are all down. We let Fin Fisher back up (30 minute temporary fire request completed!)”

EVE Online publisher CCP just acknowledged they “became aware” of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against their EVE Online cluster and web servers at 17:00 GMT.

“Immediately, these services were taken offline. As an added precaution, all of CCP’s infrastructure was disconnected from the public Internet.

The CCP Security team is conducting a thorough investigation to determine exactly what happened and how, what the possible impact may be and, first and foremost, assuring that any personal information of our customers remains secure.”

LulzSec’s take: “We just wiped out the login server for Eve Online, and it accidentally took their website out at the same time.”

And later: “Silly Eve have taken their entire network offline after our very simple DDoS attack. Oh well, another day, another lulz!”

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I maybe spoke too soon. It looks like The Escapist is back down again with the same 403 error.

And here’s the really scary part. Looks like LulzSec’s soliciting targets now. Earlier today, the group tweeted: “Call into 614-LULZSEC and pick a target and we’ll obliterate it. Nobody wants to mess with The Lulz Cannon – take aim for us, twitter.”

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