Tablets: ‘Why Should Somebody Buy This Instead of an iPad?’

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9. “I feature a popular software platform that Apple isn’t going to support–and I do it well.”

flashandroidI’d rather be forced to smack myself repeatedly in the noggin with a hammer than to be dragged back into the Apple/Adobe Flash maelstrom. But there are people who take their Flash so seriously that they won’t buy a tablet that doesn’t support it. Me, I think they should hold out for a tablet that supports Flash really well–which wouldn’t describe any of the ones I’ve tried so far. (As McCracken’s Third Paradox of the Tablet Market states, by refusing to support Flash and forcing companies to come up with alternative plans, Apple has made the iPad a better platform for Flash-type activities–video and games–than those platforms that do support Flash.)

We also keep hearing that there are big corporations who don’t want to buy iPads because they crave the compatibility and familiarity of Windows-based tablets. But it seems like most of those companies are wisely waiting to see how Windows 8 pans out rather than buying Windows 7 tablets.

Any examples? Any tablet that supports Flash. Which is pretty much all of them except the iPad. And Windows tablets aimed at specialized business uses, such as ones from Fujitsu and  Motion Computing. I reiterate though: if you love Flash and/or Windows so much that you refuse to buy an iPad, the wisest strategy isn’t to buy a different tablet. It’s waiting until Flash and Windows get more mobile-friendly.

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