Watch This Happy Cyber Dog Hop Around with His New Bionic Legs

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We here at Techland have a love/hate relationship with machines. And by “hate” I mean sometimes we hyperbolize the thought of machines one day becoming our robotic masters.

Sometimes, though, machines are capable of doing wonderful, beautiful things, such as giving our furry friend in the above video a new set of legs to hop around on.

Naki’o is reportedly the first dog to be outfitted with this advanced set of bionic paws; he lost his own after being abandoned by his family in Nebraska. Get your tissues out now, because here’s the sad part: He lost them during one especially harsh Winter as a puppy when he got stuck in a freezing puddle, and had to have his legs amputated from frostbite.

But thanks to the likes of Martin Kaufmann, the founder of a company called Orthopets that designs replacement limbs for animals, Naki’o is able to once again enjoy life on all fours. Looks at his tail wag! Joy is real!

If you didn’t already “awww,” now’s a great time for that.

(via The Daily What)

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