Yahoo Said to Have Made an Offer for Hulu

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Rumors abound saying that Hulu may sell itself soon. The video streaming service was recently approached with an unsolicited buyout offer which, according to the Los Angeles Times, reportedly came from Yahoo.

Let’s not take any bets on it yet; TechCrunch says the offer might not be from Yahoo. Meanwhile, the cloaked identity of the masked bidder for one of Netflix’s main competitors remains shrouded in mystery. However, the consensus seems to be that an offer of some sort has been made.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Hulu is now busy considering other options it may have, and is even looking into generating interest from larger companies and possible investors. It’s not clear how much discussion is happening behind the scenes, and it is fully possible that, in the end, Hulu may not even accept the bid. As far as financials go, Hulu says it’s on track to generate $500 million in revenue this year.

If Yahoo is indeed courting Hulu, it could be a good move for both companies. It would pump some fresh blood back into the staid Yahoo, and it would simplify Hulu’s messy ownership structure (though arguably it has also contributed to Hulu’s success). Hulu is currently owned by Walt Disney, News Corporation, Providence Equity Partners and Comcast’s NBCUniversal.

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