How to Check If LulzSec Leaked Your Password One Last Time

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LulzSec claims they are retiring. The hacker group released a statement saying that they just wanted 50 days of chaos. However, like it or not, they’ve decided that they will not go quietly into the night.

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As part of their grand finale, LulzSec has also dropped more personal data from Internet users, from all corners of the intertubes. Some of that data also includes internal documents from AT&T and AOL.

The full info dump includes:

AOL internal data.txt 63.6 KiB
AT&T internal data.rar 314.59 MiB
Battlefield Heroes Beta (550k users).csv 24.67 MiB
FBI being silly.txt 3.82 KiB (200k users).sql 111.2 MiB (12k users).csv 941.8 KiB
Office networks of corporations.txt 3.87 KiB
Private Investigator Emails.txt 2.52 KiB
Random gaming forums (50k users).txt 6.08 MiB
Silly routers.txt 67.7 KiB owned.png 240.51 KiB

Gizmodo, the gadget blog, has also updated their own little nifty tool for checking to see if your information has been hacked in the latest data dump.

They released a similar tool back when the Gawker network (which Gizmodo is a part of) was hacked and updated it during the first LulzSec privacy spill.

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If your information has been compromised, it’s probably a wise idea to go ahead and change your passwords (especially if you use the same passwords for other accounts, for good measure).

The group went on to tweet:

Oh, oh, finally! Media, please be sure to report on the actual files we leaked, not just our silly press statement. Much love.

Duly noted, LulzSec. Duly noted.

LINK: Find Out if Your Personal Data Is Part of LulzSec’s Grand Finale [Gizmodo]