Impressions: Google+ Is Everything Facebook Should Be

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Oooh, things might start getting interesting around here. That’s because for the first time, Google’s thrown down a real social networking contender with Google+. Facebook finally might have gotten its first real rival.

Forget Buzz. Forget Wave. I almost even forgot what Google Wave was called. While my first impressions of Google+ initially reminded me of Facebook, it quickly distinguished itself from its competitor. In reality, Google+ feels like everything that Facebook should be.

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The user interface is slick, clean, and most of all blazingly fast. Compared to Facebook, which is often sluggish, convoluted and cumbersome these days, using Google+ is like zipping on by with a jet plane. To Google+’s credit, the interface is intuitive, thereby making the learning curve low.

Let me make myself clear: You don’t “add friends” with Google+. Rather, you can add anyone, and anyone can add you. Multiple people can be part of different circles, just as in real life. There’s my geeky early-adopting friends, Grandma Joe, Ms. Jackson, Angelina Jolie, my boss and the guy who checks me out at the supermarket.

But if you and a friend have added each other to your Circles, a new option pops up to send them a message. Instead of “messaging” them, you will be able to send them an email – straight through Gmail. If you’re like Doug, who refuses to add me, I can’t email him. It’s a simple system and, even better, it eliminates all social awkwardness that comes when you decide to defriend your ex or your filthy roommate. [Editor’s note: You added me in the middle of the night! We’re all square now, though — Doug]

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