Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Announce ‘Something Awesome’ Next Week

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Facebook’s been mum in light of Google+ grabbing all the headlines this week. Apparently, it’s just biding its time.

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told a group of reporters visiting his company’s Seattle office that the social network will “launch something awesome” at some point next week.

The 27-year old billionaire didn’t reveal any further details other than that the project was developed on Facebook’s 40-person Seattle campus, its only other engineering site outside of Palo Alto, California, where it’s based.

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Analysts are guessing that it’ll be about the long-awaited Facebook iPad app, which we’ve reported on previously. The new app will supposedly have a slick new interface that will take advantage of the tablet’s multi-touch screen.

Also rumored to be announced is Facebook’s mobile photo sharing app,  known as its “Instagram killer.” TechCrunch broke news of the project with a host of leaked documents. The service has been described as “Path meets Instagram meets Color” that caters to Facebook’s 750 million users.

But could Facebook have something else up its sleeve?

I mean, Zuck did say “something awesome” — a phrase he only throws around, oh, all the time. He hasn’t exactly mastered Steve Jobs’ ability to surprise us, but for now, let’s just speculate wildly about what sort of awesome things Facebook has planned.

(via Reuters)

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