How to Make Google+ Look More Like Facebook

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Guys, remember that old social network everyone used to use? No, no — not MySpace. What are we, savages? I know it’s been for-e-ver, but Facebook! Duh. For the uninitiated to Google+ (which as a writer is still really weird to type out), we’ve been giving the new kid on the block its due praise, despite a few bugs here and there.

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But for you nostalgics out there — the kind of folks who miss the good ‘ol days when you had to walk six miles to kindergarten and iPods had scroll wheels on them — there’s now a way to skin Google+ to make it look more like Facebook.

Alexia Tsosis at TechCrunch pointed out a cool extension using Stylish. Just install it using the userscript at the bottom here and you’re ready to go.

Or, you could just use Facebook. Same diff.

(via TechCrunch)

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