There Are Now 200 Million Tweets Being Sent Per Day

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It’s hard to imagine that when Twitter first launched in 2006 it’d become the monstrous cloud of information it is today.

To say the service fundamentally changed the world by changing the way we communicate isn’t even an overstatement — it’s really become a fulcrum for culture in more ways that one.

I mean, at its worst it helps peddle fat burning pills and becomes a dispensary for dong shots; but at its best, it’s an open channel for discourse and teaching, even occasionally becoming a tool for mobilizing movements.

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So you can’t really blame it for taking pride in its newest milestone: Twitter announced in a blog post that it was sending over 200 million tweets per day worldwide. In 2009, that number was a measly 2 million in comparison. Even last year, it was somewhere closer to 65 million.

But 200 million? For perspective, that’s like penning a 10 million page book every single day, or as they put it, “8,163 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.” It’d take 31 years to read every tweet sent in a day, the volumes of which would stack 1,470 feet — real close to the height of the second tallest building in the world, Taiwan’s Taipei 101, pictured above.

Kind of makes you feel bad for the Library of Congress folks, who are going to have a helluva time archiving all those tweets. In any case, congrats, Twitter. Thanks for changing the world and stuff.

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