How to Disguise Facebook as a Common Spreadsheet

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You work, right? And are you on the Facebook? Seems everyone’s on the Facebook. That thing’s probably going to “make it” in the tech world.

Your superiors may not appreciate you spending company time on Facebook, preferring instead that you buckle down and churn through those spreadsheets. But what if you’ve already churned through those spreadsheets and you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve got some time on your hands? If only you could make Facebook look like a spreadsheet…

That’s where works in. You log into the site with your Facebook credentials and—voila—there’s your Facebook News Feed rendered as a boring, churn-able spreadsheet.

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You can make it do cool stuff, too. Search for your friends in the formula bar, hover over someone’s name to see their photo, click their name to see their other posts, load up your Wall, see photos you’re tagged in and more.

And if you find your boss standing right behind you, a quick tap of the spacebar will load up an even more boring-looking spreadsheet.

The site was designed by undergrads at Yale, who have set themselves up for a nice, long career in the corporate world—the ability to stave off boredom being the key to outlasting your peers come promotion time.

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