The Most Followed Person on Google+ Is Mark Zuckerberg

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Well, this is awkward. It appears that by a substantial margin, Mark Zuckerberg is currently the most followed person on the new social network on the block, Google+.

According to the Google+ Statistics Counter, the Zuckerberg account has nearly 10,000 more followers than Google’s co-founder Larry Page, with 29,543 and 19,878, respectively. Rounding up the rest of the top five are (in order): Google VP Vic Gundrota, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and technology blogger Robert Scoble.

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To be fair, Mark Zuckerberg is pretty much synonymous with the social networking world — especially when you consider his visibility in things like award-winning movies and a certain TIME Person of the Year issue — but you have to admit: It’s still a little weird for Google.

It’s kind of like if MySpace’s Tom Anderson took to Facebook in 2004 and immediately became the social network’s most befriended person. But mind you, 29,543 friends still pales in comparison to Zuck’s following on his other social network profiles (which you can check out here and here); even his puppy has 142,000 likes.

In terms of filling out his Google+ profile, Zuck has a single introduction line: “I make things.”

(via TechCrunch)

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