Washington Post ‘Jobs’ Hack Affects Nearly 1.3 Million Users

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The Washington Post is reporting that its “Jobs” website was attacked on June 27 and 28 by “an authorized third party,” resulting in the collection of 1.27 million user IDs and e-mail addresses.

The Post claims that “no passwords or other personal information” has been collected aside from user IDs and their associated e-mail addresses, though it cautions that “users whose e-mail addresses were accessed may receive some unsolicited e-mails (SPAM) as a result.

The site boasts being “DC’s #1 source for jobs,” with upwards of 15,000 job listings in the Washington DC area. Job seekers’ “accounts remain secure,” according to the Post, which said, “We quickly identified the vulnerability and shut it down, and are pursuing the matter with law enforcement.”

[via CNET]

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