‘Anonymous’ Hacks U.S. Military Contractors Booz Allen Hamilton

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The masked crusaders at Anonymous have struck again—this time against the American military.

They didn’t manage to break into the Pentagon itself, but instead took aim at an easier target: private company Booz Allen Hamilton, which does a lot of contract work for the armed forces and other government departments.

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Anonymous took a typically irreverent tone in announcing a successful hack into one of Booz Allen Hamilton’s servers, saying on Twitter, “Attention intelligence community! Your contractors have failed you!”.

The group posted links to a torrent file containing around 90,000 military email addresses and passwords.

The same Twitter feed went on to taunt the authorities further, saying that the release of the Booz Allen data was “just the beginning.”

Around the same time, the Anonymous Twitter poster was carrying out an extraordinary conversation with Al Jazeera journalist Yasmine Ryan, negotiating access to what Anonymous claims are “gigs of emails” from Middle Eastern Royal Families. It included this statement from Anonymous:

“If Al Jazeera reports our exposure of the Royal Families we will give you free reign with data research one day before we dump.”

Meanwhile, Booz Allen responded to the news with a stony non-comment. Oh yes, that thumping sound you can hear is heads rolling. Lots of them.

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