Twitter Reaches a Million Apps, New One Hits Every 1.5 Seconds

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If it seems as if Twitter has a large application eco-system, that’s because… well, it does. So large, in fact, that the company has just announced its one millionth registered application.

According to Twitter, more than $500 million has been invested in Twitter apps since December 2010, with more than a billion dollars being paid out in acquisitions. The 1,000,000 app number is up from just 150,000 apps a year ago, with that growth spike best demonstrated by the statistic that a new Twitter-related app is registered with the company every 1.5 seconds.

With this kind of growth around Twitter apps, it’s no wonder that the micro-blogging company launched its own Developer Site yesterday, complete with new app manager, developer blog and discussion forum.

Twitter’s Arnaud Meunier describes the new site as one that “enhances communication channels, offers improved reference material and documentation, and will foster better interaction for everyone who visits it” in the opening blog post.

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