Mad About Netflix Prices? Here Are Some Alternative Services

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Mad at Netflix over the recently-announced price hike? You’re not alone. To recap, here’s what’s happening:

On September 1, Netflix will do away with its combination DVD-by-mail and instant streaming offering, currently available for as low as $10 per month which includes one DVD out at a time and unlimited streaming.

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The DVD-by-mail and instant streaming packages will be split into two separate offerings, both available for $8 per month each. The $8 per month DVD plan includes one DVD out at a time; the streaming plan is unlimited. This new pricing structure takes effect immediately for new subscribers and kicks in for current subscribers on September 1.

One of the big issues is that the catalog of movies available for instant streaming via Netflix isn’t nearly as large as the selection of available DVDs. Therefore, many Netflix members use the current DVD-by-mail and instant streaming combo plans to make sure all their bases are covered. To continue to do so will cost them at least $16 per month now, instead of $10.

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Here’s the breakdown when it comes to the new Netflix prices if you want both DVDs by mail and unlimited streaming:

– Unlimited streaming + 1 DVD out at a time: $16 per month

– Unlimited streaming + 2 DVDs out at a time: $20 per month

– Unlimited streaming + 3 DVDs out at a time: $24 per month

– Unlimited streaming + 4 DVDs out at a time: $30 per month

And here are some alternative services:

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