The Top 10 Places to Lose Your Cellphone

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The last time I lost something, I lost it in a taxi, which actually makes perfect sense according to this list. Mobile security company Lookout released a list of where most people commonly lose their cellphones, and which cities also seem to be the most absentminded.

Miami checks in as the city most prone to losing its phones. Maybe they have more important things to do, like checking out hotties walking by on the beach.

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Urbanistas in New York and Los Angeles round out the top three, followed by Phoenix and Sacramento. Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Tampa all get honorable mentions for perhaps being a little too involved in whatever else they are doing.

As to where people actually lose their stuff? There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to retrieve your phone from some of these places, but here are 10 common spots where phones are lost and the odds of recovering them.

10. Purse: 95-100% chance of recovery
9. Restaurant/Bar: 80-95% chance of recovery
8. Roof of your car: 25-75% chance of recovery
7. Changing room: 0-15% chance of recovery
6. Airport security: 50-100% chance of recovery
5. School: 15-75% chance of recovery
4. Bus or subway: 0-2% chance of recovery
3. Airplane: 0-15% chance of recovery
2. Taxi: 0-50% chance of recovery
1. Swimming pool: 50-75% chance of recovery (0-5% chance it’ll work again)

Luckily, in some of these places, the chance of finding your phone is high. But if you were in a bus, subway, airplane or taxi, the odds slim down considerably.

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If you were one of the unlucky few to lose your phone in the swimming pool (check those swimming trunks right before you dive in, mister), you’ll probably find it but the chances of it becoming a glittery, shiny new paperweight are also pretty high. And that’s something that no amount of “Can you call my phone?” to your brother, sister, wife, friend, boss, or priest can help you with.

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