Does Google+ Do It for You?

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Does Google+ do it for you?

Here’s the thing: Everyone expected Google+ to fail, because Buzz failed, Wave failed, and Orkut failed everywhere except Brazil. Google, the consensus believed, couldn’t do social.

Wrong. Google+ is a huge hit, amassing 10 million users in just a few days. Phreeeow.

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That hit status isn’t just measured in terms of the number of users, though. People actually like it. They’re not just signing up, they’re throwing themselves into it.

Those who were already on Facebook and Twitter are finding themselves facing a new #firstworldproblem: I have a nugget of something interesting to share. Should I share it on Twitter (where lots of people will see it), or on Facebook (where a strange mixture of friends, family and colleagues will see it), or on Google+ (where fewer people will see it, but they’re much more likely to respond with comments)?

It’s that level of engagement that defines the G+ experience. If you want to hold a quick discussion, be it in public or just within one of your circles, Google+ turns out to be a really good way to do it. It’s flexible, adaptable, more conversation-oriented.

Famous internet guy Robert Scoble says Google+ has made Twitter seem “boring”. He says:

“Google+ has beautiful photos and videos. Twitter? Just page after page of mind-numbing 140 character items. Now, Flipboard demonstrated to all of us that photos and videos CAN be added into the display, and the new Twitter UI does do some of that, but it just isn’t enough. Google+ is blowing Twitter away here.”

Google is benefiting from history, here. Twitter looks the way it does because it was invented as an SMS service for cell phones. Thing is, cell phones have gotten smarter since then. The need for the 140 character limit is fading away. Google’s jumped in to fill the gap.

Does Google+ do it for you? And if you have accounts on multiple social networks, is it making you think twice about using them all?

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