Survey: Bing Closes On Google, Wikipedia Beats Facebook, Fox News Reigns

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The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) is a national survey conducted by the University of Michigan that evaluates customer satisfaction with a number of businesses annually.

In the internet sector, they’ve looked at and ranked three different types of services—social media, search engines and news sites—to determine which companies customers are most satisfied with on a scale of 1 to 100.

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Social media is one of the least satisfactory sectors overall, with Facebook, somewhat surprisingly, coming in last with an average customer satisfaction rating of 66%. Leading the pack is Wikipedia with an average score of 78%, and YouTube comes in second place with 74%.

The results did not account for MySpace since there weren’t enough users to create a meaningful sample, according to the folks who administered the study. Twitter, who I’ve been a staunch supporter of, was also not included in the survey, though it isn’t clear why.

As for search engines, Google edges Bing with an 83% versus 82% rating in terms of user satisfaction. Bing’s market share has reportedly grown considerably in the last year as it now accounts for 17% overall of the search engine market. came in third with a rating of 80%.

Fox News was ranked far and away the most satisfactory news site with an average score of 82%; ABC News came in second at 77% and USA Today grabbed the third spot at 76%. The New York Times saw a 3% decrease in overall satisfaction down to 73%, though the survey was conducted around the time they were instituting their paywall. The Huffington Post came in last with an overall rating of 69%.

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Read the rest of the survey results here, and make of them what you will. The survey speaks to a few ideas already put out there on the web, namely that we’re incredibly critical of social media (like Facebook), and plenty of people looooove Google (hence the prolonged honeymoon with Google+).

As for Techland, I’m assuming we weren’t accounted for because they haven’t invented numbers that go that high yet, plus that just wouldn’t be fair to Fox News. Thanks guys, you’re the best.

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