Now You Can Make Multiple Phone Calls in Gmail

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Good news for anyone who makes phone calls from inside Gmail – now you can make or receive multiple calls at once. Oh, wait. Excuse me.

Hi Mum. Are you? That’s great. Well actually I’m trying to write something for Techland at the moment. Is that the dog barking? Well how did it get in there in the first place? Wait. Hold on, Mum.

Hello? No I’m not interested, thanks. Because I already have a credit card. I don’t care what the interest rate is on yours. How did you get my contact details, anyway? Go away.

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The good news for Gmail users is that resuming one conversation will put the previous one on hold automatically. Oh, sorry Mum, I thought I was back on Techland there. Well have you tried enticing it out? No wonder it’s making such a lot of noise. I have to go now Mum. I’ll call you later.

As I was saying, the good news for Gmail users is that – what? No! Dammit, I do not want your credit card, your insurance, or whatever else you’re selling. I’m trying to work here. Never contact me again. No, I said never.

On the other hand, if you’re already on one call and a new one comes in, you’ll be shown a little alert that lets you decide whether or not to accept it.

Google says the only restriction that you’re limited to two outgoing calls to physical phones simultaneously. But quite honestly, if you’re capable of handling more than two conversations at once on any kind of device, physical or metaphysical, you’re practically superhuman.

No Mum, I wasn’t talking about you.

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(via Gmail blog)