A White iPod Touch Rumor, Hopefully Without the Madness

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If the white iPhone 4’s eventual arrival left you wanting for more rumors about pale-skinned Apple products, I’ve got good news: You may now start speculating about a white iPod Touch instead.

Citing “industry checks” by Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple Insider reports that Apple has placed orders for the white iPod Touch to go into mass production next month.

Now, keep in mind that analyst industry checks are the worst kind of Apple rumors. But so are rumors about product colors, and that didn’t stop the white iPhone 4 from become a sort of obsession for the tech world as Apple spent about 10 months ironing out technical difficulties. Shamelessly, I’m passing along this white iPod Touch rumor for old time’s sake.

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The bigger rumor might be that the iPod Touch won’t see any changes at all this year, aside from the aforementioned palette swap. Kuo speculates that with the iPhone 5 pushed back from its usual summer launch, and with supply shortages caused by the Japan earthquake, Apple might not have the components it needs to introduce new specs to the iPod Touch this year. In other words, no A5 processor and no upgraded cameras.

It’s a plausible theory, although I’d be surprised if Apple let the holiday shopping season pass without any sort of iPod Touch hardware upgrade. I’m still hoping that an earlier rumor of a 3G-enabled iPod Touch pans out, but there really hasn’t been much chatter about what Apple will do next with its high-end portable media player. Expect to get some answers in September, when Apple will likely launch the next iPhone.

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