Survey: 35% Will Buy iPhone 5 No Matter What—Will You?

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Does it matter to you what the next iPhone looks like or what specs it has? A PriceGrabber survey of 2,852 U.S. consumers found that 35% of them say they’re planning “to purchase the latest iPhone upon its release.”

That number’s a little odd, as the survey goes on to report that of that 35%, only 7% are planning to buy the phone within the first week of its availability. The largest percentage—51%—say they’ll buy the phone within the first year of its availability. Still, the fact that 35% have already made up their minds without having any concrete details about the phone yet is interesting.

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So let’s take our own little informal survey right here. Will you buy the iPhone 5 no matter what or are you waiting to see actually see it first? Or—GASP!—will you not buy an iPhone no matter what?

(via Wired)

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