Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Software Released to Manufacturers

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It’s a big day for Windows Phone 7. That’s if you haven’t counted it out already, considering iOS and Android are still two of the biggest players in the smartphone game. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from green-lighting the latest Windows Phone 7 software release, Mango.

The paperwork’s all been signed off on Windows Phone “Mango,” and it’s been released straight into hands of manufacturers. Microsoft says the Mango update could be ready for consumers by the fall, and “of course will come pre-installed on new Windows Phones.”

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The update will include “conversation view” for e-mails as well as “threads” that bring together all your texts, chats and instant messages. App multitasking will also be included. All in all, though, it is supposed to add some 500 improvements throughout the platform.

Microsoft also unveiled the first Mango handset earlier today in Tokyo – man, why does Japan get everything first – which they’ve called the IS12T phone. It’ll be available in Japan only, but it’ll be a taste of what’s to come when it finally hits American shores.

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(via PCWorld)

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