Twitter Adds New ‘Possibly Sensitive’ Link Filter

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Tired of clicking through on shortened links from Twitter only to find yourself looking at something that you probably shouldn’t be looking at on a work computer? Perhaps you should spend less time clicking through blind links on Twitter… or perhaps you’ll be interested in the service’s new “Possibly Sensitive” filter.

The company has just announced to developers that it’s offering a new warning system to tell users when they might want to be a bit nervous about clicking a particular link:

“This new field will only surface when a tweet contains a link. The meaning of the field doesn’t pertain to the tweet content itself, but instead it is an indicator that the URL contained in the tweet may contain content or media identified as sensitive content.”

TechCrunch quotes Twitter’s Carolyn Penner as saying that, for users, this means that certain links, when clicked, will trigger “a warning… in the media details pane of the tweet informing other users of the flagged content.”

It’s apparently just the start of similar measures; the announcement on the Twitter developers’ blog mentions plans for “a family of additional API methods & fields for handling end-user ‘media settings’ and possibly sensitive content.”

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