WATCH: Microsoft Spoofs Google with the ‘Gmail Man’

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While Google’s “E-mail Intervention” marketing campaign made the rounds this week, ZDNet reports that an attendee at Microsoft’s annual Global Exchange sales conference has managed to sneak out a cheeky video making fun of Gmail that was shown off on July 20.

Guys, watch out, I think there may be a nerd fight coming on.

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The video features a “Gmail Man,” not unlike your everyday mailman. He explains the whole premise very clearly: “Well sometimes, when a person loves their Gmail very, very much, the two get together, and an ad is born.”

It’s not a particularly inspiring—or even funny—video, but here’s to hoping it got Microsoft some sales at the very least.

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As for me, if I wanted to make the leap back to 2000, I think I’d sooner try to build a time traveling machine before switching back to Hotmail.

(via ZDNet)

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