Party Hats, Everyone! Instagram Hits 150 Million Photo Uploads

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Instagram, the popular photo sharing service for the iPhone, just announced that it’s hit 150 million photo uploads thanks in no small part to its user base of 7 million picture snappers. For perspective, that’s about 15 photos being uploaded every single second.

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Per the company’s official blog:

“We’re constantly amazed by the range of photos shared on Instagram. People use Instagram to snap photos of everyday moments with friends and family and also to document significant personal moments, like weddings and honeymoons. There are Instagram photos from major events like the World Series and the Grammys, and some Instagram photos have even made the national news. Artists and celebrities have begun to give fans a unique look into their lives through photos, while brands like Burberry have started to realize the power of communicating with their followers through images.”

The service has experienced enormous growth since it launched in the App Store just last October. The app is perpetually in Apple’s Top 25 “Free Apps” (currently it sits pretty at number 18), and seems poised to accumulate even more mobile photographers.

But 150 million photo uploads is a pretty monumental achievement, and champagne is indeed in order, though we’re pretty sure Justin Bieber is responsible for about 100 million of them. Maybe 125 million.

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