Ask Techland: How Do You Sync Updates on Google+, Facebook and Twitter?

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Question: Now that my friends are all jumping onboard this Google+ thing, is there a way to sync my posts with Facebook and Twitter?

Answer: If you’re a Chrome user, there’s a promising new extension called Publish Sync that’s worth looking into. In addition to Google+, you’ll be able to simultaneously update Facebook and/or Twitter (and Plurk) through whichever network you’re most comfortable with. All you have to do is simply check off where you want your message posted (similarly to HootSuite). What’s handy is that it takes advantage of Google+’s “Circles” feature so that you don’t accidentally publish content for the wrong eyes.

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There’s also Start Google+, which allows you to port over things like photos while allowing you to lord over your different social media outlets. You’ll similarly be able to sync your updates across various platforms, though it’s a more immersive experience.It also has the ability to integrate your various feeds, which, if you’re a power user, could get really noisy. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth looking into if you want everything in one place.

Finally, if you simply want to merge Twitter and Google+, there’s a client called Google+ Tweet that embeds your Twitter timeline into your Google+ account. The two networks, however, each have their own strengths, so this may not be ideal.

As it stands, it might still be easier to simply manage multiple tabs if you want to exercise complete control over your social networks and where your posts actually go.

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