Mr. Freeze Makes Things Chilly in New ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Trailer

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It’d be pretty hard to disagree that Batman has the best rogues gallery in superhero comics. (But, you can try. That’s what comment sections are for.) The Dark Knight took down a slew of his nastiest villains in the hit Arkham Asylum a few years back, but lots of fan-favorite felons didn’t make the cut.

However, with a sequel due out in a little more than two months, we’re getting glimpses at the bad guys who’ll be making Batman’s life hell this time around. So far we’ve seen Two-Face, the Riddler and the Penguin (with a glimpse of undead bruiser Solomon Grundy). Catwoman–in the game as a playable character–sorta counts, but she’s been known to go both ways. Between hero and villain, that is. That’s what I was talking about. Were you guys thinking of something else?

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Anyhoo, Mr. Freeze definitely ranks as the most cold-hearted villain that Batman repeatedly faces, but he was only mentioned in passing during Arkham Asylum. The newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City confirms him as an adversary and showcases him as yet another one of the crazed criminals that the Bat will have to confront in the game.

The former cryogenics scientist remains tragically obsessed with his frozen wife. Poor guy. On the boss battle front, Freeze seems to have some kind of heat-tracking capabilities, which will make it harder for players to use the stealth that’s a hallmark of the gameplay in the Arkham titles.

Can they pack any more villains into the upcoming Bat-sequel? Guess we’ll find out when Batman: Arkham City comes out in October.

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