Report Says iPhone 5 Might Be Out October 7

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Since my mother, father, best friend, ex-boss, neighbor, neighbor’s sister and even the guy who sells me my coffee keep asking me when the next iPhone is coming out, let me set the record straight: My name isn’t exactly Steve Jobs, but I can tell you that people are whispering that it will finally be available in early October.

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According to sources for blog 9to5Mac, the new iPhone might be here as early as October 7. The mentioned date has been making its way around several other news sources as well. The blog says that Apple has been looking at either the 7th or the 14th as a date for its official launch. But apparently everything has been going smoothly with the pre-distribution process, so as a result the tech company has reportedly been shooting for the earlier date.

There are also signs that the iPhone announcement will most likely happen in September, with rumors that pre-orders would most likely start on September 29 or September 30. While the 9to5Mac has the date pegged as the 30th, things still aren’t yet set in stone. If true, though, this would obviously mean that Apple would decide on September for its fall event, instead of October.

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But hey, I’m not psychic. All these dates could easily change – nothing’s official until the fat Apple lady sings, which just means iPhone 4 users get to be hip for a little bit longer.

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