Infographic: Which States Have the Best (and Worst) Internet Speeds?

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Which state can claim the fastest average internet speeds? Pando Networks tracked downloads from 4 million people across the U.S. between January and June of this year, and reported the findings late last month.

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In general, Pando found the following:

“The most striking findings were the core differences between the average speeds on a state-by-state basis. The data indicates that the fastest state was Rhode Island at an average of 894KBps, which was almost three times faster than the slowest, Idaho, which had a dismal 318KBps. Rhode Island and Idaho may stand out as the extremities, but the disparities they highlight reflect more expansive, regional trends. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region contained eight of the ten fastest states. With California, Oregon, and Washington in the top 15, the West coast was also a remarkably a speedy region. On the other hand, the rural Midwest and Mountain-West states of which Idaho is a member comprise nine of the ten slowest states. Middle America‚Äôs slow connectivity could be representative of its more widespread populations and a lower demand for high-speed data infrastructure.”

Click here to view additional information about the study.

We were given the data set from the study and used it to cobble together the following infographic, which shows average internet speeds for each state, as well as the five fastest and slowest cities, and five fastest and slowest internet service providers. You can click on the image to enlarge it: Enjoy!


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