Libya: How ‘Green Square’ Got Renamed ‘Martyrs’ Square’ on Google Maps So Quickly

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Well that was quick.

Do a search for “Martyrs’ Square, Libya” on Google Maps (or just click here) and see what happens. As rebels advanced on Gaddafi Sunday night, they took the liberty of renaming “Green Square” back to “Martyrs’ Square,” its name before Gaddafi took power some 40+ years ago—a change that’s already been reflected on Google Maps.

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So how could such a change have occurred so quickly? Some bleary-eyed Google engineer up at all hours with his finger on the button?!!!

Not really.

Regular people have been able to edit Google Maps for a while now, so it’s very possible that someone updated the map with the new (old) name and—boom—hello, Martyrs’ Square.

Google supposedly vets such changes and, sure enough, the listing says “This place has unverified edits.” It’ll be interesting to see if this change becomes permanent and, if not, how long it’ll last.

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