Custom ‘Portal 2’ Video Game Level Built for Marriage Proposal

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Since Valve introduced co-op play to Portal 2, it’s fair to say that the mind-bending physics puzzler’s brought people together. But Gary Hudston had something even more permanent in mind.

As he tells it on Twitter, Hudston says that his girlfriend Stephanie isn’t a big gamer but really got into Portal 2‘s co-operative problem-solving.

Hudston knew that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a very special way and got in touch with Valve’s Erik Wolpaw and Ellen McLain, who does the voice of villainous AI GlaDOS. He then found modder-designers Doug Hoogland and Rachel Van Der Meer, who built him this custom level.

The best part of this is how clues about the ulterior motive of this level are seeded from the very beginning. McLain does her usual great job as GlaDOS and Hudston says that his girlfriend played through the first part of the level with no clue as to what was going on. Stephanie said yes when she turned away from the screen to find Gary on bended knee.

It’s actually a really good Portal 2 level, to boot. Windows PC users can download it here and you, too, can be loving with portals.

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