Sony Announces New Video-Friendly DSLRs and Compact Body Cameras

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Sony announced four new cameras this morning: two “all-in-one” compacts with interchangeable lenses, and two DSLRs that aren’t really DSLRs (but more on that in a bit).

The new compact bodies are the latest additions to the popular NEX line, which combine the picture quality and control you get with interchangeable lenses with portability more akin to a point and shoot. In contrast to traditional DSLRs it doesn’t have a bulky reflex mirror inside. When you slap a pancake lens on them they’re ultra-lightweight and make great vacation cameras.

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The NEX-7 features a mirror-less Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with a 24.3 effective megapixel resolution. It weighs in at a feathery 10.3 ounces without a lens, and has a max ISO of 16,000 for low light shooting. It’s also the first camera in Sony’s NEX line to come bundled with a viewfinder (previous versions required you to purchase a mountable one separately). It’s a step up for photo hobbyists who actually want to compose their photos instead of framing images through the LCD screen (which is more prone to glare, especially when shooting outside). The NEX-7 will be available come November with a 18-55mm kit lens for $1350, or you can get the body-only for $1200. Get the full specs here.

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