The 9/11 Memorial App Will Only Be Available on the iPad

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Who can forget where they were on September 11th? In a few weeks from now, it will be the event’s 10th anniversary, and there will be an exclusive iPad app to commemorate it.

The upcoming “9/11 Memorial: Past, Present and Future” app will be filled with photographs and videos detailing the event, and the creation of the World Trade Center Memorial and 9/11 museum. The app will be available September 1st and free from September 1st to the 12th, but after that it will cost you $9.95. It is all courtesy of producer Steve Rosenbaum, who also directed a documentary about the tragic event.

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While it may have been a controversial decision to make it iPad-only (say, not on Android), I’ve got to wonder what the whole point was of making the app altogether—and selling it? I suppose it’s not a stretch, given that Hollywood makes films over wars long past. But when only 1,629 out of nearly 2,800 victims have been identified nearly 10 years later, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

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