Facebook Tops One Trillion Hits Per Month, Wins Internet

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The Internet now belongs to Facebook, apparently.

According to figures released for web traffic in June 2011, Facebook hit one trillion page views that month, with 870 million unique visitors for the same period, giving the site a staggering 46.9% reach among all web surfers.

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Strangely enough, those 870 million visitors are around 120 million greater than the Facebook’s reported total number of registered users. The discrepancy may be down to non-Facebook members visiting the site from other social media links or through search engine traffic.

After Facebook, the next most popular site is YouTube, which has only one-tenth of the page views, but matches 90% of Facebook’s unique visitors for the same time period, giving it a respectable 42.6% reach among web users. All Google needs to do is work out some way to lure YouTube users to its fledgling Google+ service (still invite-only, and in beta) and it may finally become the Facebook killer it clearly wants to be.

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