Price Drop: $250 Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle at Walmart Next Week

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Price drops. They can be handy. Just ask Nintendo. The company’s challenges with the just-launched 3DS have been well-documented, but their recent price drop on the handheld has spiked sales.

Sony’s said that fans shouldn’t expect the Vita handheld this year but quelled disappointment by announcing their own price drop for the PlayStation 3 last week. The Blu-ray game console is now retailing for $250, down from $300.

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So, what to do if you’re in the market for an Xbox 360? Apparently, you should head to your local Walmart next week. According to a rumor that’s breaking today, the giant retail chain will be offering a 360 + Kinect bundle for $250, knocking off $50 from the current price of the same bundle. This move isn’t a Microsoft decision, though.

In a statement on Joystiq, the company says Walmart made “an independent decision to implement this temporary price cut.” Could be a response to the PS3’s price change or it might just be a strategy to position the 360 attractively for the upcoming holiday rush.

This offering of Microsoft’s console-and-motion-control is cheaper than Sony’s, since the PS3 + Move bundle has an MSRP of $350. Sony has yet to announce bundle pricing that reflects the PS3’s new standalone price. (The Wii’s current price is $150, as of this May, if you’re wondering.)

It’s been almost a year since Kinect came out and set all kinds of records as the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever. After a middling crop of launch games, a batch of better, more intriguing titles is finally coming out for the motion-sensing camera. If you’re looking to get a 360 for the first time or just want to replace an old-school unit that’s red-ringed on you, start watching your local Walmart very closely.

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