Google Plus Adds New ‘Ignore’ Feature

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Google Plus added a new “ignore” feature to grant you further control of your privacy. Ostensibly, it’ll be for users you still want interacting with your content, but who you don’t want to see popping up in your stream all the time. Think of it as a less intense version of the “block” feature.

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It doesn’t appear to have rolled out everywhere yet (my Google Plus page still doesn’t have it), but it sounds like it’ll be a welcome filter. The video above explains pretty much everything, but here’s rundown of how it’ll work:

“Ignoring” a user will…
– Keep their posts from showing up in your incoming stream
– Keep you from getting notifications concerning their activities
– Keep them from appearing on your Circles page

Whereas “blocking” a user will…
– Keep them from commenting on your content
– Keep their posts from showing up in your incoming stream
– Keep them from seeing stuff you share with your Circles
– Remove them from your Circles and Extended Circles

Also, users won’t be notified if you “ignore” or “block” them.

You’ll be able to access the feature at three different points, including within the stream itself, on the Circles page, or at the Notifications menu in the upper-right hand corner.

Think of it as something akin to Facebook’s “Hide All Posts” you can check off to eliminate people from your newsfeed. The Next Web offers that this will be especially handy for celebrities as they hop onto G+, and though you’re probably not the next Kim Kardashian, it’ll probably be just as useful to you.

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