Irene Breezes Through Boston: A 24-Hour Time Lapse Video

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By the time Hurricane Irene reached Boston, she was but a mere tropical storm. Her reputation as the most ruthless destructress the East Coast would see in decades had been overblown. She whipped through Boston more like a college freshman the first weekend she’d been away from her overprotective parents: Some trees were uprooted, some boats came loose from their moorings, and some people got wet. Again, just like college.

(PHOTOS: Irene Reaches U.S. East Coast)

I took the liberty of shooting a 24-hour time lapse video out my office window, with the radar image of Irene’s path in the lower-left corner the entire time. I started recording at around 3pm on Saturday and stopped at around 3pm Sunday—you’ll notice I superimposed additional footage I shot with a waterproof camcorder at around 10:30am on Sunday when things really started whipping around, along with another angle showing the treetops outside my office window starting at around noon on Sunday.


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