See One Fan’s Impressive Half-Marathon Tribute to Steve Jobs

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Last week the tech world was shocked by the sudden announcement of Steve Job’s departure from Apple. I mean, here’s man who left indelible marks in nearly every corner of the industry, from computers, to mp3 players, to tablets and more.

So it’s no surprise that Apple fans were deeply affected by the news. Some penned blogs wishing him the best of health. Others were more elegiac with their tone, sounding at times as if writing an obituary. (He’s alive, guys!)

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But one Apple enthusiast, Joseph Tame, decided to do something more creative…something outside the box. As a runner and tech enthusiast, he decided to map out an Apple logo using RunKeeper, a GPS-enabled iPhone app. In the process, he trotted out 13-miles, or about the length of a half-marathon.

“Having an iPhone really has changed my life here in Tokyo,” he writes in his blog. “It means I can go anywhere without getting lost, I have all my data with me at all times, I’m potentially in touch with thousands of friends and family members around the world at all times, and I have access to any information I might need to do what I need to do. Whilst I’m sure this would make a big difference back home in the UK, here in Japan it’s like a lifeline (even more so now it can warn me when an earthquake is about to hit).”

The run itself took him two hours, traveling at about a 7:30 per mile pace. Head over to his “Art of Running” blog to see more of his work created via RunKeeper. Other pieces include Hello Kitty, the Google+ logo and, topping them all, a pretty convincing baby elephant.

It sure beats anything I’ve done in MS Paint.

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