What Do You Think of Facebook’s New Privacy Features?

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Last week we reported that Facebook was set to give its privacy pages a much needed facelift.

Its goal? To better streamline the controls granted to users over who can and can’t see their content. Previously Facebook users had to navigate through an unclear array of menus to get to their privacy settings. Now, that control is inline with each post, as well as available through multiple access points.

In the process the social network eradicated its “Facebook Places” feature in favor of a status update bar that asks “Who You’re With,” “Where You Are” and whether you want each post to be public or private.

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The new features now appear to be in place for most users.

Whenever Facebook implements anything new, there’s typically a fair amount of user outrage, usually resulting in the social network doing some damage control (remember when they first rolled out their News Feed?)

But this time Facebook seems preemptively equipped for the inevitable backlash, and appears to be extending the olive branch to users by asking (very publicly) for their feedback. They’re asking that you—yes, you—send them your thoughts on the new privacy features.

“I don’t understand the so called explanation about tagging!” writes one user in the comments thread.

“The TICKER has GOT TO GO. I don’t want to know every little thing about every person,” seems to be another common gripe.

Head over to the Facebook Privacy Policy page to tell them what you think. Some of the suggestions are actually quite thoughtful. You’ll have until this Friday at 2 p.m. PDT.

Just try to go easy on the caps lock.

[via Read Write Web]

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