Mark Zuckerberg Is Totally the Establishment, Man

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Why do people hate on Zuck so much? All he does is wear a goofy grin and call things awesome (even when they aren’t) and cover our magazine from time to time. He’s not so different from you or I, give or take a few billion dollars…and killing his own animals.

But I guess this next bit of news won’t exactly help his cause, as he sits pretty for the second year in a row atop Vanity Fair‘s 17th annual New Establishment list, which they write “identifies the top 50 of an innovative new breed of buccaneering visionaries, engineering prodigies, and entrepreneurs.”

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Now that Facebook is charting well over 750-million users who log 700-billion minutes per month, it’s even harder to argue with the results, especially as another potential I.P.O. looms on the horizon.

The rest of the top five is a familiar mix of tech’s best and brightest: Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google come in at the number two spot, with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in third.

Apple’s new CEO and VP of Industrial design, Tim Cook and Jonathan Ives, respectively, sit in the fourth spot, with Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square fame alone at number five.

The rest of the list is a mix of digitally savvy celebs, media visionaries and business folk, including appearances by Lady Gaga, John Stewart, J.K. Rowling and Dennis Crowley of Foursquare.

This is the second year in a row that Facebook’s Zuckerberg takes home the crown, which I guess makes him slightly less “new establishment.” Just “establishment” should do.

In any case, keep on winning those magazine awards, Zuck. They’re worth more to you than the errant billion stuffed in your mattress, though I hear $10,000 bills are actually quite soft.

[via Vanity Fair]

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