Might Facebook Team Up with Spotify for September Launch?

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Extra! Extra! Both CNBC and Mashable are reporting that Facebook plans to launch a music service next month. Nothing is for absolutely certain, but it’s been said that Spotify, MOG and Rdio might be partnering with Facebook as part of the new feature. Mark Zuckerberg is probably jamming out to this tune if it’s true. Wonder what Facebook has got on its playlist next?

According to the rumors, the music service would most likely be announced on September 22, the date of Facebook’s f8 developer conference. Going by the name of Facebook Vibes (or so it might be called), the Palo Alto-based company would probably not host or stream files from its own servers. It would instead rely on its music partners to provide the infrastructure.

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There’s really not too many details beyond that, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before as far as the rumor mill has churned, especially as it pertains to Spotify. A deal between the two companies would boost Spotify’s traction and launch in the States, while it would give people another reason to use Facebook’s service. You know, because flipping back between iTunes and YouTube is soooo hard.

It’s the first time that a specific date has been suggested though, adding some more fuel to the rumor’s fire.

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